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Library Gifts

For most book lovers, the ultimate place to seek refuge and comfort is the library. What better way to show your love for the bookworm in your life than to present them with the best mementoes to libraries - choose from our selection of library gifts! In a bygone era, libraries weren’t the tech-savvy institutions of today where checking out books takes mere seconds – you literally had to take your books up to the service desk and have all of your books individually stamped by hand. There’s a certain romance in this idea - a nostalgia in glancing at the card in the back of a book and seeing all the times it’s left its home at the library and gone on adventure in the arms of a new person, opening up their minds to new ideas and dreams they might not have considered previously. Here at BookGeek, we love to reunite book lovers with long-lost literary loves – especially if this includes libraries. For those book lovers who just adore everything about libraries – their magnificent collections, their amazingly relevant literacy programs for children and adults, and the knowledgeable and well-read librarians who offer up pieces of their soul with every recommendation – this beautiful collection of library gifts is sure to delight and inspire.

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