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BookGeek Musings

Library Lover's Day - Why You Should Give Your Library Love This February!

Libraries are fabulous institutions that deserve our love every day of the year, obviously. However, every 14th of February is Library Lover's Day, and it's your chance to show your local library just how much you appreciate them.
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The Reading Life

If you’re a bibliophile, a bookworm, a book lover, a book aficionado, a person who likes to stare at ink stains on slices of dead trees for hours and hallucinate, whatever you like to call yourself… you know all about the reading life, right?


For those not in the know or who might be on the fence, there are a number of ways of knowing that you’re on the lifetime path of the reader. Read on to find our comprehensive list.

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Persuasion - the Best of Jane Austen's Novels

Lovers of Jane Austen’s beautiful novels are ordinarily happy and sociable – just think of the annual Regency-themed teas and festivals, and the gatherings of smiling people in Georgian period clothing. If, however, you really want to set the cat amongst the pigeons, ask them to name the best of her books. The fierceness behind those debates is almost legendary! For our money, though, it has to be Persuasion.
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BookGeek proudly supports Library for All

BookGeek is really proud to support Library for All, an Australian nonprofit organisation delivering high quality, culturally-diverse, books via a groundbreaking e-book library app. Our unique library fills educational resource gaps in communities where access to conventional book collections is not possible.
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