‘I Love You’ Binary Code Framed Geek Book Page Print


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A geeky, romantic typographical print. A perfect gift for your better half, especially if they’re a book or number mad!

“I love you” in binary code. How cool is that?!

This unique framed art uses an original page from a vintage maths textbook.  A welcome addition to any home, this ‘secret message’ can stay strictly between you and your favourite person. This literary print also features a hand-painted heart.

Made From:

Using wood sourced from sustainably managed forests, our in-house frames are handmade and have no glass so you are able to feel the beautiful vintage book page. Hung flush to the wall, or stood freely in your home – our book page prints look great wherever you choose to place them! Our old books are sourced from second hand book dealers and local charity shops. We’ll gift wrap your print in sheets of our map inspired wrapping paper.


This frame is 3cm deep and has 0.3cm of black wood bordering the vintage book page. The page itself measures 12cm x 18cm (approximately 5 inches x 7 inches).

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Approx 12cm x 18 cm

Made From

Original book page; ethically sourced wood