No Companion But You Book Page Art


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Featuring the romantic line from Shakespeare’s The Tempest when Miranda tells Ferdinand, “I would not wish / Any companion in the world but you…” (The Tempest, Act 3 Scene 1)

Printed onto a  page of a vintage copy of Shakespeare’s Complete Works.

There is no glass so you are able to feel the beautiful vintage book page. Please note the vintage and handmade nature of this product means the pages may discolour slightly over time. Prints are secured in a cello bag to prevent damage in transit.

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Frames are 3 cm deep, with 0.3 cm of frame visible around the book page, Book page – approx 14 cm x 20 cm (depending on availability of particular books)

Made From

Handmade, ethically sourced wood frame (from sustainably managed forests), Original book page sourced from charity shops or second hand book dealers