Where the Wild Things Are

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Where the Wild Things Are is the book for the children who loved building their own worlds out of the stuff their imaginations were made of. Did you often imagine yourself off in some far-flung world, having daring adventures and laughing until your throat fell out? This book was definitely written with you in mind, and we’ve got the best gifts to reawaken your or your child’s love for it!

Where the Wild Things Are is a classic for a reason. Accompanied by gorgeous illustrations, author Maurice Sendak artfully weaves creativity and gorgeous language to create a world of mischief and imagination. All children at some point are sent to their rooms for misbehaving, and most go on playing and fantasising despite their punishment. This book is an ode to those children, and the adults they become.

Generations of children have grown up loving this timeless story, who then pass it along to their children in turn. For the best in Where the Wild Things Are gifts, BookGeek has curated a wonderful collection to soothe all the souls of all the Wild Things out there. Our collection focuses on the book’s iconic cover, and ranges from clothing for children and babies, to pins and pouches.

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