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Library Lover’s Day – Why You Should Give Your Library Love This February!

This Valentine’s Day is also Library Lover’s Day, so why not show your local library just how much you love them?

Libraries are fabulous institutions that deserve our love every day of the year, obviously. However, every 14th of February is Library Lover’s Day, and it’s your chance to show your local library just how much you appreciate them.

Why you should love your library

The answer to this question seems incredibly obvious to us – what’s not to love? But, for those still fence-sitting on their library love, here are stacks of reasons why you should spend your Valentine’s Day serenading your local library.

Library Lover's Day

The best things in life are free

In this crazy world where nothing is free, there’s still your local library. They offer you so much – literally stacks of gorgeous books to take home, for free! Sure, you have to return them, but you get the opportunity to read something you might not have otherwise read. You’ve had adventures in worlds you might not otherwise have visited. And, you’ve dwelt in the mind of another human being who might even be centuries old. All for free! It’s a pretty marvellous system all around.

Books, books, books

When you make that inevitable trip to your local bookshop for something new to read, how many books do you usually end up going home with? One? Maybe three if you’re lucky, or it’s payday? At your local library, you can take home a stack of books nearly as tall as you are. Your options are also wider than they might be at your local bookshop – you can put a book you’ve been dying to read for years on reserve, and you can even request a book from another library system through Interlibrary Loans. It’s basically a locator spell for books! What more could you ask for?


As every library lover knows, there’s no better place to get cozy with a book than at your local library. The space is designed to welcome you, to get you inspired and excited about reading. Libraries often have their own unique vanilla-like scents as well, given the hundreds of books that inhabit their shelves. All in all, your local library makes for a wonderful place to get your read on.

Whiling away the hours

At your local library, browsing is encouraged, and hunkering down in a comfy sofa with perhaps a new papery best friend is expected. Unlike other institutions, libraries actually WANT you to spend hours exploring the stacks, reading, using the internet and computer facilities and taking part in fun events and workshops. Your local library is a wonderful place to wind down and relax, and to meet like-minded people.

Library Lover's Day

Don’t forget the librarians!

Librarians are often unsung heroes. They don’t actually get to read all day – in fact, they work really hard to deliver fun programs to their local communities, and to keep their library running smoothly day by day. They’re often widely read and can offer up recommendations tailor-made to suit your unique interests. Basically, librarians are book wizards, and without them, the world would be a much poorer place.

Library Lover’s Day

If you’re convinced that your local library needs your love, visit them this Valentine’s Day and express your admiration for everything they do. Also, don’t forget to take your library card with you and borrow something!

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